Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Finest Rooms and Marian Hall

Marian Hall is featured in this classic book

This 1950 room by Marian reminds me of a favorite house in Atlanta

My living room in Naples - waiting for boiserie and a bigger rug

Close up of the gorgeous silk side chopped pillows

I am so totally in love with this image of a room that Marian Hall did back in 1950. I found it on the super blog called COTE TEXAS... and it reminded me of one of my all time fave books, The Finest Rooms, by Katherine Tweed. My pal Albert in New York had the idea for this book, and I vividly recall discussing it with him not too long ago when he was wintering in Naples. Imagine my intense excitement ! I had to drink more and more bourbon to calm myself down a bit. I love classic rooms full of fine french furniture, with paneled walls, and timeless appointments. I also love the colors Ms. Hall used. And I also adore her use of luxury textiles, and the fresh flowers artfully placed throughout. I would have loved to have known her. Compare this room to my own, more modest room, where I played with some pillows of Cowtan Tout silk trimmed in Scalamandre' fringe, which I recently had remade for a good client. How delicious these pillows are ! They remind me of Michael Taylor as they are quite large and plump. I like them very much, and can't wait to return them back to their rightful place on his silk sofa... Enjoy ! DF *****