Monday, February 20, 2012

I Remember: H. Parkin Saunders

Parkin Saunders and I met through my old dear friend, Louise Wilcox Cronan, many years ago. Just like the movie with Bette Davis, "All About Eve" - I got PS a job with the fabulous George Clarkson, the society decorator from Saint Louis, and then you know what happened if you saw the movie. Parkin went on to become a Michael Greer like decorator, (he always preferred decorator over designer) and had a truly A list clientele, with billions of disposable dollars...he lived on Fifth Avenue, and was driven about Manhattan in a Mercedes 500. He even had a place in Southampton for a while. After learning the ropes from George, he and his partner the late Chris Walsh went on to create a WASP masterpiece, the guest cottage at the Hamptons showhouse, all done in the old now discontinued Zinnia chintz by Brunschwig. Perhaps those zinnias were really dahlias? Anyway, it was a sensation, and it landed him Anne Ford, Garrick Stephenson, Amanda Burden, Teddy Forstmann, and David clients...I got to soak it all up, and always considered dear PS a good friend, although he was sometimes difficult and not always so easy to be with. But he was a fun person, and he enjoyed being social in a place where that is not an avocation, it's a full time 24/7 job. I just today learned that dear Parkin died this Summer. Parkin, you were a good friend, and you are missed. May you rest in peace dear fellow. I am happy that I was able to contribute to your success. Honis soi qui mal y pens. DF *****