Monday, February 13, 2012

Book: Maurice Fatio, Palm Beach Architect

I was in the Ralph Lauren boutique the other day, and spied this relatively new book, by Fort Lauderdale designer/historian Kim Mockler. Actually, the book JUMPED OFF THE SHELF AND CAME FLYING AT ME!!! I had posted earlier about my obsession with this famous society architect of the past, and his daughter Alexandra Fatio Taylor sent me a lovely thank you note, postmarked from Geneva, Switzerland. GET THIS BOOK! Amazon has seven new copies as of this posting. (It) has some juicy tidbits, including information on one of my favorite of all the Estate Section houses he did, called CASA ELEDA. Strangely, Eleda is derived from the lady of the house, her name was Adele! (Adele spelled backwards). Pop singer Adele took the cake last night at the Grammy Awards!

Anyway, one Casa Eleda owner was so greedy that he had his wife murdered, to prevent her from getting any of his filthy dirty money...the house is currently on the market. The book is very useful and full of amazing photography and history of old P.B., one of my favorite places to visit here in Florida. Enjoy! DF *****