Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Chair for Miss Rose

I found this interesting HICKORY CHAIR model today, from the James River Collection, called the Kit exudes a kind of belle epoque vibe, which I adore. I would use this Rose Cumming chintz on it, called is a picture from 1960 of Miss Rose's drawing room, which I love for its iconic glamour and old school decorative mystery. I think that this whole airport lounge look is a bit boring, and that we need to find the lost romance in beautiful rooms, created by talented and creative decorators, for discerning and cooperative clients! Please do remember, your designer (decorator) is NOT A PURCHASING AGENT! We are not here to beat internet pricing, and we are not to be abused by clients! A designer is a person who is 100% committed to his or her profession, and they should not be underestimated, nor taken lightly. As Ruby Ross Wood once said, "Don't forget, we make the beds" (paraphrase) and we do know where all the skeletons are hidden. Just a little note of advice from someone who knows. See the work of Zajac and Callahan for more exotic Belle Epoque influenced looks.

ENJOY! DF *****