Thursday, June 23, 2011

Room of the Week, Barry Dixon

Interior design by Barry Dixon

Virginia based designer, Barry Dixon, has a unique style, and I wanted to spotlight this entrance hall he designed, as my "room of the week". While I adore the interesting salon style arrangement of varied furnishings - I am not as enamored of the wall finish, although am sure it's gorgeous in the actual space. Often, a picture of a room or space doesn't fully capture the essence of what the designer has created. Another feature of the room I like very much are the unusual textiles on the sofa and chairs, and the rondelle the designer used in the center, under the chandelier. I'm not sure, but I think that this house is located in North Carolina, on Lake Norman, near Charlotte. I could be way off. Anyway, think outside the box when planning your entrance hall, with your decorator, should you be so fortunate! Enjoy the upcoming weekend my friends. DF *****