Friday, July 30, 2010

Miss Rose meets Louis XV Style

I found these charming Louis XV style chairs recently, and stole them for almost nothing ($117) - and then, had some old leftover Rose Cumming Banana leaves fabric that I'd been dragging around - so, can't wait to show you the new chairs - with outside backs in a silk fleur de lis ... I noticed in one of my design books that Mrs. Parish and Mrs. Sherrill both have had similar chairs in their drawing rooms. The banana leaves pattern will add a fun touch of old tropical flair to these possibly dowdy chairs... I had thought of using an elaborate lampas or damask, but I already am drowning in that look, so I used what I had, and I think it will be interesting, although certainly not original. Mrs. Parish and Albert Hadley most likely started the fashion of using modern looking prints on french style chairs, beginning with the Tillets and Alan Campbell. It's a look they still love in Atlanta at Travis & Company, where my friend Dennis Schuhart does the showroom design. Stay tuned ! DF *****