Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Trip: Beverly Hills, California

Luxury suite at the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills

Our lifeguard at the pool

This is so L.A. !

My client/friend Charles Fleck kept a place in Palm Springs for years

When my brother Andrew and I were just young boys, our parents tooks us on a trip to Beverly Hills. Of course, I LOVED it ! I was ready to move on out ! We stayed at the luxurious but not ostentatious Beverly Hilton... as in PARIS HILTON... and I can still smell the chlorine in the pool mixed with the Cali sunshine and the sound of motor traffic from the street. It was just delicious. I read recently that the Four Seasons BH just reopened after a 33 million dollar reno, here is a picture of one of the suites, courtesy of ROBB REPORT. On a later trip I took solo to Los Angeles, I accidentally stumbled across the WeHo studio of Tony Duquette ! At the time, I had no idea who he was, but I was entranced and mystified by what I saw through the iron gate. I truly do love L.A., and all that it represents... I even coined a phrase for how I feel about two of my fave American cities (USA) : "New York is diamonds; L.A. is rhinestones" Well, Nancy, what do you think ? Am I witty or WHAT ? My good friend Joe Ruggiero lives in L.A. and I often see him when he visits Naples (Florida)...I wanted to share my love of California with you, dear reader. Enjoy ! DF *****