Thursday, July 15, 2010

Designer Boutiques

Dean in Ralph Lauren polo with vintage silk jacket by TOM JAMES

Billy and I enjoyed our time last night at the progressive wine tasting, beginning at Anne Fontaine with Lisa and Stephanie, then to Christofle with Sandra, Jerry and friends, then Hermes' to see Susan, and finally to Cartier where we enjoyed champagne and chatting with Sofia, Justin, and Sandrine...leaving Cartier we ran into dear Donna Egdes, from Naples Illustrated, and she had some good news for me about an upcoming opportunity... I was sorry to miss seeing Steven Fachada at Hermes' as he spends most of the Summer at his flat in London. It was a nice evening, and we also saw our good friend John Benzing, director of visual merchandising for Saks Fifth Avenue. Cheers ! DF *****