Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Decorator: A Portrait

Here I am, all framed up and looking like a cowboy, according to Billy, who saw it for the first time yesterday. I like it, and I look very reflective here. I'm wearing a pink and white Ike Behar shirt, over a white Ralph Lauren polo... both were gifts from friends.... Ted caught my boyish good looks, and he even supplied the frame, a Mexican hand carved one, which he painted in ebony with touches of gold (for the golden boy) ! I placed myself in this small arched niche off the foyer, with some 1901 books called "Motley's Works" and some Chinese figures in glazed terra cotta... which do you prefer, the with figures or sans figures ? I like with them. Eventually, I'll be hung on either a damask upholstered wall or some old boiserie in my new library (to be built) -until then, I sit in this niche waiting for my proper background. Looking forward to "French Wine Tasting" with friends tonight at Waterside Shops... Cheers ! DF *****