Friday, October 2, 2009

Portrait Miniatures

I found these wonderful "portrait miniatures" at the quaint shop of Lord Colin Strong, in Naples. They are so beautiful - and he has quite a large collection. My client and friend in Charleston, Martin, collects these as well, and was in London last year to attend an auction featuring some of the best on the market. I remember when Martin and I were in Monte Carlo for the bienalle des antiquaires, a memorable trip, with lunch at the famed hotel next to the casino.

Lord Colin is also a Porsche driver, and I enjoyed chatting with him. He goes back to the U.K. in the summer. Here's Bradley the Lhasa aphso attempting to drive my '07 Cayman...cute ! I was over at a clients house, and he jumped in the car and wanted to drive it ! Some other Porsche drivers of interest : James Dean, Ellen DeGeneres, The editor in "Devil Wears Prada", Miranda Priestly, and my favorite California designer, Michael Taylor, who also had a Rolls Royce. I truly love my car, and drive it almost daily. DF