Thursday, October 8, 2009

IDC Seminars

Yesterday (October 7th) William and I attended a seminar for interior designers, conducted by Steve Nobel. It was very informative, and afterwards, Kravet Lee/Jofa hosted a buffet luncheon. We enjoyed the blanc de blanc sparkling wine, and a hot meal, while chatting with colleagues and perusing all the latest goodies... see and

On Saturday, October 31 I will be conducting a seminar for the general public under the title of "Real investment, Designed to sell" at the IDC see and look forward to meeting some new friends and potential clients.

The IDC or International Design Center, is an amazing place, only a few years old, designed by Juan Montoya, and developed by Margaret Miller and the Miromar Development Corporation. Stop in and enjoy touring the showrooms with your designer or architect. If you don't yet have a designer, the IDC is prepared, and has a wonderful designer referral program, and designer on call. The value represented by this service is huge for any savvy consumer and homeowner. One of the things I learned from Mr.Nobel and panelist Janet Bilotti, was that no designer deserves to be treated disrespectfully by a client. Life is way too short, and we are professionals in a global multi billion dollar business. DF