Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Darien in Naples II

I was enjoying looking at these shots from the install at the condo in Naples I had finished last summer. It was such a pleasure to work with these wonderful young clients, and they gave me huge creative freedom to make something very nice for them when they visit Florida. We completely remodeled the unit, including all new kitchen and bathrooms, new flooring, all new painting throughout, and mostly all new furnishings. I greatly enjoyed the many trips I made to the condo, and William was a big help, and found some great things from our source Maison Auclair http://www.mashellart.com/ Here, in the girls room, we went green, and incorporated some existing vintage furniture that came with the unit. These random shots tell a story of an adventure in decorating and design, and the contractor, Robert Lenahan, helped to speed things along. As soon as this year long project was completed, William and I took off for New Orleans, for our continuing design education. It was a nice treat after such a long and arduous year. DF