Wednesday, May 22, 2019

SISTER: 960 Fifth Avenue

Ailsa Mellon Bruce

I was reading my copy of "sister the life of legendary American interior decorator Mrs. Henry Parish the second" and came across an interesting quote from the late Mark Hampton- (paraphrase) "Mrs. Mellon Bruce was sitting in Sisters drawing room wearing a purple brocade suit and tons of Rubies like an inanimate  object while everyone waited on her" - !  I found this to be such a provocative remark that I had to find out more about Mrs. Bruce-  Turns out when she died she was known as the richest woman in America-  as she was the daughter of Andrew Mellon and the sister of Paul Mellon who married Rachel Lambert Lloyd (Bunny Mellon)- Apparently Mrs. Mellon Bruce had an apartment in the same building as Mrs. Parish-  nice neighbors!  DF

* * * * *