Saturday, May 25, 2019

SALON: Nan Kempner

Park Avenue salon of the late Nan Kempner, via Sotheby's 

Serena Boardman has the listing for this beautiful apartment belonging to the late socialite Mrs. Thomas Kempner, known as Nan- a native of the charming town of San Francisco she had worked with Billy Baldwin and Michael Taylor on this apartment which is now on the market for 18 million-

I've always admired this classic drawing room where the banquettes were originally upholstered in a wide wale corduroy- An Innovation at the time- I mentioned to my friend Andrea that I had seen Nan Kempner once- standing in a doorway on Madison Avenue wearing a trenchcoat and she was beyond chic but also beyond thin ! So thin! Darling one can never be too rich or too thin!

I was often taken to the society restaurant called Mortimers for lunch in Mr.Clarkson's
dark green Rolls Royce and sometimes I would see her there picking at a salad- After Mortimer's closed she would sometimes be seen at Swifty's -a similar type of establishment which had been decorated by Mario Buatta- may he rest in peace.  DF