Thursday, October 1, 2015

Richard Giglio, R.I.P.

Angelo Donghia, sitting under one of his Richard Giglio works, via AD

I've written here before about the time I was taken to the Manhattan residence of the late, legendary interior designer, Angelo Donghia.  What I may not have mentioned was the impact his collection of works on paper by the late artist, Richard Giglio made on me~ dynamite !

Richard Giglio, via Facebook, Raymond Diskin Black

Angelo Donghia

Richard Giglio, studio, via Facebook, Raymond Diskin Black

Angelo Donghia, 1976

You see, there was the most wonderful atmosphere of glamour, artistry, excitement, and freshness, in the house of Donghia~ it was sensational!  These pictures don't fully capture the ethereal and New York-in-the-seventies vibe that was going on, but as I've said before, the combination of satin, bleached floors, lacquered walls, and silver tea papered ceilings is enough to send anybody over the moon! 

Thanks to dear friend Julie Britt for introducing me to her friend Raymond Diskin Black and the world of Giglio...!  I'm hoping to perhaps acquire a Giglio of my very own one day.  Hoping this post inspires you too!  DF *****

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