Thursday, October 15, 2015

Million Dollar Listing, Naples

A multi-million dollar property, Mediterra CC, Naples, Fla.

Life is funny sometimes~ I'm working on a property for a top realtor here in town, and then I see the program "Million Dollar Listing, Los Angeles" ~ which is just too funny.  My client handles pretty much listing only properties over a million dollars ...since you don't get too much in Naples for under that. 
So, last night I had a fabulous burrata for my first course, at Cote d'Azur, one of the many fine French dining establishments here in town.  I could have stopped with that, since it was so heavenly.  I was just surprised that the server refused to ask the chef to prepare a simple endive and beet salad to order for a special request, but I suppose those kind of things would need to be asked for in advance.  They also do not have a full liquor license, which was surprising.  So you would think that perhaps a sommelier would have encouraged us to order at least one bottle of wine...hmmm...
Enjoy!  DF *****

* * * * *