Monday, April 23, 2012

The Chic of Small Rooms, Albert Hadley

I found this room shot on the House Beautiful site, and was reminded of my late friend, Mr. Albert Hadley.  Let me share a wonderful story with you.  When Albert would hire a young designer, he would often help them out with making their first apartment in the city into a chic space, with very little financial resources.  Tice Alexander, my late Parish-Hadley mentor, was one such lucky fellow, and Albert helped him to make a 10 x 10 studio in Manhattan on East 69th Street into one very tiny, very stylish jewel box.  It was lacquered by Weidl Brothers in Billy Baldwin Brown, and had one Metropolitan Wire bookcase showing off Tices's amazing decorative arts library, built-ins for his clothes, a full size bed in brown linen, and two white painted and parcel gilt side chairs with lemon yellow Thai silk seats!  There was an old faded gilt mirror hanging above a Parish-Hadley chest, which Tice lacquered black himself, while smoking a Marlboro and sipping a diet Coke.  Lighting was kept very low - and it was a sensational glitter box at night, the only time he was ever in it.  There was also an alcove where the one window was, with a pedestal holding a classical bust.  It was fab, and I thought this room shown reminded me of the old TA flat- so here it is.  ENJOY!  DF *****  ( a good example of less is sometimes more)