Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sublime Symmetry

As a decorator, I have a natural proclivity towards symmetry, pairs, neoclassic styles, architecture, and classical arrangements. Here, I used a pair of neoclassic chairs with a very tasteful tufted settee for a timeless look. I never tire of this look, and it gives me great pleasure. Do play around with your furniture and enjoy the results. Sometimes, simply moving an object to another room makes a huge difference. Objects speak to each other is the language of design, and a good designer should have a vocabulary that projects taste, knowledge and historical precedents. As my dear friend and mentor, Albert Hadley has said: "A person becomes a designer because he has an intuitive flair, but he becomes a designer of merit through a long process of evolvement and involvement. The eye is what needs training, through care and constant investigation." Food for thought ! DF *****