Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Decorator Grouping

Topiaries from Floral Ecstasy, Miami, Florida

Sunburst mirror, after Line Vautrin, WISTERIA

Room before I hung the grouping...

What on earth, you ask is a "decorator grouping" ? Is it a convention, a meeting or ...? Here, I hung a few things I already had, including a rendering I did for Harry Schule and Ned Marshall, of the Brighton Pavilion inspired Dining Room of Mary Gilbert - on Fifth Avenue in New York City. As well, a small 19th century engraving of a charming red breasted bird, and some playful "putti" that was a gift from good friend Jerry Kraft. I love the instant intimacy and personal look I was able to get here. It is always a good idea to hang your pictures in a group like this if they are not large and important works of art. If you own a major painting, it can certainly stand on its own. I also suggest hanging family photographs in groups and the more there are the better. I prefer them all black and white, and matted and framed in a consistent manner. I usually do this in a hall, or a family room. It warms up the space, and guests love to ogle the pictures, especially viewed through a glass of wine or vodka ! Enjoy the holiday today, as it states in Lisa Birnbaums Preppy Handbook, "Holidays are a great excuse to DRINK" !!! (paraphrase) ENJOY ! DF *****