Monday, November 1, 2010

Imari Style Porcelain - Room Scheme Inspiration

I was irresistibly drawn to this copy of an Imari porcelain covered temple jar. When I was about seventeen, I was taken to one of the most beautiful houses in Charlotte, North Carolina. To give you an idea of how elegant the ladies of Charlotte are, they hired Parish Hadley to decorate the clubhouse at Myers Park Country Club... but I digress, as usual. A friend took me to this house, belonging to Bill Ross, which he had built and had decorated by his partner, one of the then top designers of Charlotte ( this was about 1976). the living room had been designed around a collection of old Imari porcelain, and the colors were used so beautifully in the walls, rug, fabrics... this house had an absolute air of aristocracy about it. The foyer was two stories, with a double staircase, a huge black and white diamond floor, and a huge 19th c portrait hung over a console with a portrait light... they had gone to New York and bought antiques at Christies... it just smelled like money and taste in that house ! It was divine. DF *****