Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maurice Fatio: Palm Beach Architect

Imagine my keen excitement at learning that Kim Mockler, a Fort Lauderdale based interior designer, has published a new book on one of my favorite architects of the past, Maurice Fatio ! Acanthus Press has partnered with Mr. Mockler on this new book, and I am simply dying to get my hands on a copy ! Obviously, owning this book would be the next best thing to having a Fatio creation of ones very own, and I did read that the previous book on this subject is out of print, however one recently sold in New York for $250.00 - look for this in your nearest bookshop, and BUY IT ! Check out New York Social Diary for more on Maurice and his charming daughter, Alexandra Fatio Taylor... ENJOY ! DF *****

P.S. I am most thrilled to hear from Tony Victoria that Todd Romano has decided to carry some of the FPV items in his shop on La Cienega in Los Angeles ! Do visit him soon, with an eye to buy !