Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Chic Carpet for the Library

I've proposed the carpet below for this small library, in which I have also suggested installing a new pecky cypress ceiling, which would be then washed in a pale spa color and stencilled over with a design similar to the octagons and diamonds in the carpet ! Divine !
Arista Diamond by Schumacher

Interior design is so exciting, don't you agree ? There are literally endless options for each and every nearly endless category of design and decor items. Take this beautiful carpet I recently discovered, carried by Schumacher... called Arista Diamond and Arista border. This color is oddly enough called "Beige Strie'" although it is more of a citrine color. It is 100% wool, in a Wilton type weave, which is something I am always crazy for, as it makes a statement of QUALITY and refinement in any space. It is somewhat expensive, but not compared to an English or Portugese 19th century needlepoint carpet, which could easily run $100,000.00 or more. Again, the courtyard pool is visible from this room. I look forward to sharing this completed room with you dear readers. DF *****