Thursday, May 26, 2016

SIXTIES CHIC: Howard Perry Rothberg, II

Howard Perry Rothberg's personal residence, House and Garden, 1966

So, my blogging friend, Andrea (The Glam Pad) and I were recently conversing about designers of the past, who became iconic, and I started wondering who some of the old guard decorators of Miami (where Andrea lives) might be...and recalled my friend and one time mentor, Maurice Bernstein, (see AD) mentioning Howard Perry Rothberg, II.  I think I even recall seeing a stunning yacht interior in AD by HPR...

Click here  to see a fascinating 1966 story on his personal Coconut Grove residence, a charming small cottage, done in a classic modern style, that still looks fresh, 50 years later! DF
See here for how this house has been restored and updated! 

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