Thursday, May 19, 2016


Image via Bo-Ty florist, Winston-Salem, NC

Detail of a vintage chandelier in the residence of my client Charles Fleck, Naples, FL

One of my favorite rooms by mentor Thomas Britt, Napa, CA

An Andrew Martin fabric, Fitzroy, I favor

One of my pet projects, Fair Play, SC (c) DFID
While we all have endless things that resonate with us, as designers, we must always remember that people are more important than the rooms they occupy.   Am I known for stating the obvious? Yes.  Was Albert Einstein considered a genius? Yes. 

Sometimes the simple things in life are the most profound...but we do love to be mesmerized by an unusual arrangement of objects on a table, or a fabulously eclectic interior, exhibiting taste, a high level of imagination, and a wonderful sense of fantasy.  These are my thoughts for the day. Enjoy! DF *****

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