Thursday, March 31, 2016


R. Higgins Interiors, via Traditional Home

Lately, I've been thinking about early inspirations, and this image reminded me of an old acquaintance, the designer Joan Gnasco, who was the sister of my old friend Gail Dewar.  Joan's small house inspired me, with its taupe walls and lemon yellow sofa, placed in the large window, facing a fireplace.  Her house always smelled deliciously of fresh lemon and fresh paint.  It was a house that was loved.

I was also inspired by a shop in town called John Simmons, aka The Shop of John was a home furnishings boutique, and had so many fun things, and it too always had a wonderful fragrance in the air.  I remember they always had copies of Architectural Digest you could buy there.  This was way back in the early 1970's...

Roger Higgins and Ann Shipp, who own the house shown above, love their deep taupe walls with their stunning chartreuse "tabloid" curtains, a style often favored by the late decorator, Mark Hampton.  The chartreuse color reminds me so much of the curtains Tice Alexander had chosen for his New York flat when I was living and working with him at the time.  Tice had been an assistant to the late Albert Hadley, who came to New York originally from Nashville!  I believe that John Simmons was also from Tennessee, and he was known for giving lavish parties.  All of these designers inspire me and bring back fond memories.  Enjoy!  DF *****
(check out the R. Higgins site here )

*image via Traditional Home

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