Friday, March 25, 2016


Charleston, Carolyne Roehm (brick pavers)

Watermill, Tom Britt (pea gravel)

Atlanta, (asphalt)

No doubt, some of my favorite gardens and landscapes use pea gravel , which comes in all kinds of colors and stones... the thicker the application the more I like it!  Is it a bit of trouble?  Perhaps, but consider how much more aesthetic this Atlanta groundscape would be with a beige pea gravel drive...the gravel would blend so beautifully with the stucco on the house. 
My second choice would be a brick paver in a herringbone pattern, as the designer Carolyne Roehm used in her Charleston garden.  Love the sound of the crunch or the texture, of gravel or brick!  Enjoy!  DF *****
From the garden at Folie du Lac Martin, home of Robert Smith, Breau Bridge, LA

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