Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Shipment, Decoratives and More!

One of the things I'm most excited about, in my new partnership with MP Interiors, is our fabulous assortment of antique and vintage items- 
Bishops Chair, MP Interiors
I find the yellow in this original covering so interesting...

We also have this one MP Interiors
We love the idea of having simple, white slipcovers made for these chairs, which could then pass as a pair-

I wouldn't mind having them in my new flat, if I had the space!  

Pair Chinese chairs MP Interiors
Perhaps these child size chairs would be a better fit?  I love these for stacking books- or porcelain objects.

Fire screen MP Interiors
This hearth screen is just begging to go up to Cashiers or Linville Ridge... and very well priced too!

Gueridon MP Interiors
Notice the elegant inlaid woods on the top of this piece...

Shaped top gueridon MP Interiors
Pair cast brass lamps MP Interiors
This stunning (pair) of lamps makes a statement at 46" high

New Barroux chair FP Victoria
The lamps would marry beautifully with these "New Barroux" model chaises from famed F. P. Victoria, New York

Bas relief stag MP Interiors
We also have a pair of these very decorative framed pastorals

Jeffrey Bilhuber New York
This stunning showhouse room, by Jeffrey Bilhuber, is an excellent example of how antiques can be incorporated into a modern and up to date milieu...we particularly liked his use of Castaing blue on the Napoleon III chairs, and the (what appears to be) a teal horsehair on the small chaise placed ever so artfully by the fireplace.  The photographer caught a beautiful, ethereal quality of natural light here, image via AD.
Enjoy!  Cheers!  DF *****