Monday, January 13, 2014

A 1950's Enclave Revival, Naples

New construction in The Moorings, Naples
The Moorings, in Naples, Florida is undergoing a dramatic transformation!  Almost every other of the original so-called "Florida-Michigan" homes are being razed, these modest all on one level ranch style homes are being replaced with stunning Santa Barbara, Bermuda, and English Regency inspired houses, much larger and more imposing.  The one shown above, was recently completed, and has west facing bay views, towards the Gulf of Mexico.

The house shown above, recently completed, has seven cupolas- and is also a waterfront property. This image only shows a portion of the facade.  The older homes are being completely dwarfed, but apparently they won't be around much longer- it's shocking to see how fast they are going- I counted 22 new houses in a three block area-!

I caught the morning sun on this "Old Florida" beauty- one of the many styles being built in my neighborhood- creating a visual variety, and yet with a certain consistent look, most likely created due to the stringent hurricane and flood zone regulations for the architects and builders.  I'm hoping, since I do live here, that perhaps I'll be involved in one of these new projects soon!  Cheers!
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