Saturday, January 11, 2014

2009 Castle Rock Pinot Noir

Courtesy Bleu Provence, Naples

I've been enjoying this "New World" Pinot Noir lately, and thought to share it with you, dear readers.  A product of the central coast of California- it's described as a "Burgundian varietal, with an elegant, medium body, and aromas of cherry, tea, and herbal spice".  Enjoy!

I found the above image on New York Social Diary, and thought it most inspiring- a tablescape from the Manhattan home of young Christopher Stevens, a New York decorator- he reminds me of my old colleague, the late Randall Ridless. Christopher has also worked for my old friend and FIT class mate, Marcy Masterson.  Kudos to Christopher, his chic Hermes' orange flat is quite charming, and with an enviable location, in the west village, or vill-lahge as we used to call it. Stay tuned for more exciting news on DFS ! 
Cheers !  DF *****