Monday, December 9, 2013

How Do You Like These Designer Vignettes?

Billy and I created this colorful "garniture" look in my new Naples flat
I've always loved and enjoyed porcelain objects, and here we used some to make a kind of "garniture" for the rattan console table- what do you think?
We floated this amethyst geode coaster on a porcelain plate
Coaster, BR UNO, Naples
I got a kick out of placing this coaster on this plate-the BR UNO boutique also carries Hermes' china and Baccarat crystal, as well as the new "Versailles" scented candles...
Fabulous 1970's inspired pillow by Thro by Marlo Lorenz
Sister and Albert would totally "get" this chevron look...what fun!
One of my collages...
Mummy had this collage I made framed, since it got ruined in the friend and client Mary Ann gave me the cloisonne' vase-
Clients Bob and Martin gave me this table- I love it!
My friend Mitzi gave me a strobe light, to place under the Maitland Smith bust when I have a party- "disco fever" !
The Dean chair, by Century Furniture
I love this small slipper chair in our showroom in Naples- (wonder why?) I sold one today too! We will match the cream in the stripe to the paint color on the walls- and use the "Connor" sofa with it-
Be prepared to fight traffic if you go shopping in Naples
I thought this was a funny shot- since I have often counted as many as 43 Mercedes while waiting for a light to change- I kid you not- I am SERIOUS! :)
Happy shopping!  Cheers!  Enjoy!  DF *****