Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday and The Color Purple

Tray, Home Goods
Yesterday, I was out picking up a few things, and popped in to a local chain store called "Home Goods" - this place is always packed with shoppers, and yesterday being the first of December, was no exception. As I wound my way through the aisles, I had been searching the stock for a pair or threesome of wall brackets- George, the sales clerk said they didn't have any, which surprised me somewhat.  Anyway, I did find in CLEARANCE, this very fun faux alligator serving tray ($19.95) which looks like a Ralph Lauren piece- so I snapped it up.
Here it is on my small painted wine table. 
Toss pillow, Home Goods
  I also found this very pretty deep plum and white chevron print pillow- (down filled!) for - wait for it- yes, it was only $10.00 !!! Wow! They had about three or four of them and I should have bought all of them- anyway this little jewel adds quite a punch to my little settee- and I do like the contrast between the more formal silk pillows- and check out the bunch of lavender in my dragon bowl- I know I should be Christmas shopping for others, and not for me, but it's Dean's Addiction, what can I tell you?  I'm totally resisting the strong impulse to go on Amazon right now and order Mario's new book- which when I do get I hope to have autographed by my famous friend and one-time mentor...and I'm enjoying his influence on my free-wheeling palette for my new flat, which cheers me up every time I see it- it's not formula, it's intuitive, like a painter creating a work of art- resulting in a disarming kind of charm.  Thanks Mario, what a genius you are!  See my earlier post on the use of purple in interiors, and remember, my other mentor, the late, great Mr. Albert Hadley, was quoted as saying that "lavender was the beige of the nineties" (paraphrasing) - so enjoy your day, and look for some purple to add an unexpected twist to your decorative or wardrobe schemes!  Cheers!  DF *****