Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wynn's Las Vegas, My Favorite Casino

Wynn's Las Vegas
While we didn't stay at Wynn's-Encore, we did visit the complex, I had heard about it from some very good clients, who always stay there when in town.  (Billy and I stayed at the charming, old school, Golden Nugget) - Wynn's and Encore are a tour de force of style and colour, created by Steve Wynn, with an army of architects and designers.  I was blown away by the dramatic beauty of everything I saw.
Wynn's Las Vegas Water feature
Above, we gazed down upon a huge waterfall, viewed through a glass wall- people were lunching outside, since the weather  was a glorious 73 degrees with no humidity.
Wynn's Las Vegas landscaping
 I'm not so sure my pictures do justice to the splendor of the premises- sunlight was streaming in everywhere- and the gaming areas were done in a tasteful 19th century Belle Epoque Monte Carlo look.  I pretty much swooned over everything, and the other guests seemed to be in awe as well.
Wynn's Las Vegas Ceiling Detail
The esplanade with boutiques such as Chanel, was so elegant, and I liked it as much as the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, and The Palazzo at The Venetian...the bohemian glass chandeliers shown above were so pretty suspended from the beefy treillage ceilings, where even the glass above had been etched or overlayed with a floral motif.  The level of detail was amazing throughout.
Wynn's Las Vegas Esplanade
The stunning red and purple with beige marble palette was carried throughout, and most of the walls were upholstered in a pleated silk in either dark brown or deep red.
Wynn's Las Vegas, Jeff Koons Sculpture Installation
OK, I pretty much flipped out when I saw this Jeff Koons- it is about thirty feet or so across- and was featured on the cover of the current issue of Wynn's magazine- it was being used to enhance the foyer area fronting the theater.  I just loved it.
Wynn's Las Vegas, Carpet Detail
Look at this fabulous carpet!  This was used in the gaming areas of the Wynn's casino- there was a different design used at Encore, which was formerly the Desert Inn.  If you get out to Vegas, I highly suggest a visit to Wynn's-Encore.  It's a visual feast and a fabulous experience just to walk through- Enjoy!  Cheers!  DF *****