Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Letter To Mario

I sent this to my dear friend MARIO BUATTA - after seeing him in HOUSE in NEW YORK SOCIAL DIARY, my favorite super-blog. Mario calls me every so often to play some kind of crazy joke on me. The last one involved him disguising his voice and pretending to be a potential new client, but I could tell it was him....LOL. The Ross apartment is a Mario tour de force, and New York glam at it's pinnacle. So, here's my letter, edited slightly for privacy reasons. ENJOY!

Dear Mario, This picture reminds me of a story that Tice told me about Sister falling under a chair in her bedroom while chatting on the phone with Diana V. Do you think it's true? I'm sure it is! Also - I believe that chintz is the same one we used for ________ in Houston - except I was supposed to order the colorway with taupe leaves, not green leaves! I think it was a Cowtan & Tout. The taupe was to blend with the taupe silk velvet sofas which had embroidered skirts - dear Mario I hope you are feeling better and hope to see you in early _____ if you are in town - I'll be visiting the city then - All my best and Happy Holidays! Dean