Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sonja Tremont Morgan

My other favorite reality star, from the show Real Housewives of New York, is Sonja Morgan. Not only is she a gorgeous lady, but she has a sense of humour, and is like a modern day version of Auntie Mame! I'd love to play her Patrick. She lives in a limestone townhouse, was married to a descendant of J.P. Morgan, and went to my alma mater, The Fashion Institute of Technology... Sonja certainly adds a measure of class and style to the show, not unlike my other fave housewife, Lisa van der Pump of Beverly Hills (see my post on her under Winter 2011). These gals are having a ball and don't mind sharing the fun with us! What's weird about these shows is they are somewhat scripted and produced - creating a kind of "faux reality" which is a bit strange to say the least. Apparently this type of program is a money maker, or they wouldn't be so dominant on the television. Catch Sonja in her adventures in TV land! Enjoy! DF *****