Monday, August 23, 2010

Suzanne Tucker, Rooms to Remember

Room by Dean Farris Interior Design

I'm very much looking forward to getting my copy of "Rooms to Remember" by Suzanne Tucker - the designer who took over Michael Taylors practice with Timothy Marks. I was fascinated to discover that Suzanne worked for Peter Hood, the John Fowler disciple, as I spent time with the Hoods when I lived in Bath, in the late seventies... I find it so interesting that Suzanne and Alexa (Hampton) are both heirs to the throne created by their respective designers, Michael and Mark - I did meet Mark Hampton in NYC when he came to our school to give a lecture. Such a gent and so very gracious. Here, in my own living room, you can see that I aspire to the layered look promoted by these iconic designers. I enjoy this room very much, as modest as it is, it suits the way I live now. DF *****