Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ceilings, the Fifth Wall

We used a moulding to add detail to this ceiling. DF

I have always loved the idea of decorated ceilings. Long a staple of Palm Beach, and grand houses by famous architects, they add immeasurable charm and warmth to a room. Lately, in lieu of investing huge sums on a coffered and paneled ceiling, I've been suggesting using color on the ceiling, such as the wall color, or a lighter shade of the wall color. My real preference is to use a totally unrelated color (to the walls) pulling something from a fabric or a rug... at any rate, I think that any ceiling treatment is a huge improvement, as long as its NOT popcorn ! ( a kind of cottage cheese looking texture) Beams are great too. Especially the old notched gray ones seen in France. I must mention dear Addison Mizner, who executed some of the most beautiful and rich ceilings in Florida... Enjoy ! DF *****