Friday, March 6, 2020

DFID: Wilton Carpet

Dean Farris Interior Design, Naples, Florida (c) 2020

I was browsing some picture files and came across this image of my Naples living room from about a year ago- for an i-phone shot it's not bad- the held back curtains were inspired by our last trip to Paris, and there are so many things I like about this besides the curtains- the warmth from the large Wilton style rug by Stanton for example- there's a thin stripe of that spa blue from the carpet also in the curtain fabric- while this rug is now in my bedroom I've  thought of putting it back in the living room- so stay tuned for more upcoming posts* !  DF
(porcelain bust by Theodore and Alexander)

*Current and upcoming projects:

 A 1950's cottage in Naples

 A pool house in North Naples

 A new wing with solarium gazebo in South Carolina