Monday, February 17, 2020


Source unknown 
As you should probably know by now "Maximalism" in decorating as well as fashion is making a big comeback -for some of us it never left in the first place -we were just waiting!

I'm pretty sure this image is from the book called Horst  interiors and I found it very interesting because of the pale green wall color the gilt over mantel, Louis XV mantel and the furniture as well with a non-formula color scheme.

This is the look and atmosphere of lived in Grandeur, something I was exposed to when I studied at the American museum in Britain outside bath Avon back in the late 70s early 80s- As a very young man living abroad in the Royal Crescent Hotel I was exposed to the British aristocratic way of living including Lord Fry and his unbelievably elegant townhouse in the Royal Crescent to which he had downsized from the manor house in the countryside- (Widcombe Manor)  it was through Jeremy Fry that I was introduced to Lord Snowdon who was then the estranged husband of princess Margaret someone you may have heard about-!

There's definitely something to be said for family heirlooms or attending auctions and going to beautiful shops and finding incredibly beautiful old pieces which are sometimes called antiques.  I certainly did have a lot of fun shopping for antiques in Manhattan back in the 1980s where I was often driven to the shops in a chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce or a chauffeur driven Mercedes-Benz limousine sometimes with the client and sometimes not.  Amusingly being only in my 20s I would quite often stop in front of an 18th-century mirror and stare at it and think who is that incredibly good looking young man looking back at me? LOL!  DF