Monday, December 30, 2019

COLOR: New Neutrals

DFID (c) 2019

I've always liked  slightly offbeat color combinations, and the more I experiment with them the more fun I have and the more I learn that the idea of a neutral can be just about any color depending on your point of view, and what you put with it.  Way back in the 1990s Albert Hadley promoted the idea of lavender as the beige of the 90s -this is nothing new at this point in time -however it becomes fresh when you actually have it for yourself as opposed to just reading about it in a magazine!  Albert was very inspired by the fashion editor Diana Vreeland, who was quoted as saying that pink was the navy blue of India.

Shown here I used a vintage Parsons table that Albert gave me many years ago which I refinished in a lilac color- mixed with a custom needlepoint pillow -the canvas came from Lycette designs in Palm Beach and my dear friend Louise Wilcox Cronan stitched it for me.  I also used some very personal things on the table such as a mercury glass acorn from my friend Mary Hill and seashells from my friend Judith Auclair as well as small dishes from my friend Nicholas Cardone.

The small book on the table which has had its dust jacket removed is sister parish design by Susan Bartlett Crater and Libby Cameron.  I love also looking at the needlepoint pillow and recalling how Louise worked for Kevin McNamara in New York.  A decorative decorators scrapbook, if you will!


PS: Happy New Year's!!!!