Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Britt Main House
I was just thinking how it's Spring time again- and how glorious the pink tree blossoms will be at the Britt's in Watermill-  Billy and I had the great pleasure of visiting a couple Summers ago- and I had seen the trees in full bloom on Julie's FB page- magnifico!

Britt estate, original main house, via Julie Britt

Julie with the late Eddie Zajac and Richard Callahan 
Look at how gorgeous and glamorous Julie looks here with her old pals from Parsons days!  Tom still has a Zajac and Callahan mirror in his bedroom in the country- plus an old huge one from dear Rose Cumming.

Tom's bed chamber, via Veranda

This is the fabulous bed Tom called me from when I was in my own bed down in the octagonal winged guest house- a place I had dreamt about for years- and finally got to see and to stay in!  He rang as I slept and I awoke as if still in a dream and he wanted me to come up to the house and help him get dressed for dinner- since Marcelo or Rodrigo must have been doing something else- anyway, I hurried up there like a good boy and left Billy behind to his own devices.  You can see the large arched mirror from Rose Cumming in the background of this image behind the bed.

Guest house, Britt estate, via Veranda

The room we stayed in (one night) is on the right- and oh how I loved it!  A magical atmosphere and the genius of Tom in full force!  (I jumped in the pool for about a minute) !!!

Guest house bedroom view, Britt estate

I was looking at a fuchsia and cobalt blue fabric this morning, and it for some reason reminded me of this room- this is the bed I was sleeping in when Tom called me from his tented tester bed- "DEAN - IT'S TOM- CAN YOU PLEEEZE COME UP HERE, I NEED YOU!!!!" (you can see the phone on the right)- and I really did feel so happy and in a dream state- so I guess I was all ready to have dinner with a former CHANEL model by the name of Jackie Rogers- whom I had heard about since the early 80's but never actually met.

Jackie in Chanel

Sometimes things just happen for a reason- and I do think that this all had a beautiful dream like quality- and I loved how Jackie was so animated all through dinner, which started with a fabulous ceviche- Rodrigo is so talented, and Marcelo was serving the apps and drinks before in a way that let you know he'd done it many times before- so charming and warm, so family like and friendly- just the nicest people imaginable.  More like family than anything.

close up of foo dogs in guest house, via my phone

Hoping you enjoyed this fond trip down memory lane of mine- we did that trip in a New York fast whirlwind- probably for the best, since there's nothing worse than a houseguest who doesn't know when to leave!  Thanks again Julie, Tom, Marcelo, and Rodrigo!  DF ***** (see my earlier posts on this subject)

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