Saturday, November 12, 2016


Alberto Pinto
How very fortunate was I, at a young age, to meet the legendary designer and arbiter of taste, Alberto Pinto ? 
As I was a lowly visual merchandising assistant in Furniture and Model Rooms at Bloomingdales' (Manhattan)~ it just so happened that he flew over the big pond, along with Andree' Putman and Jacques Grange- to create some model rooms back when the store still had them. 

These model "rooms" were a huge draw- and Barbara D'Arcy had been the one who came up with the concept- a four times a year proposition!  That certainly kept me and the rest of the furniture visual staff busy!  Mr. Pinto was born in Casablanca, Morocco.  I recall him being in a wheelchair at the time we met, and oozing a kind of charisma not often seen.  At the same period in time, Ivana Trump was often seen shopping in the Manhattan Bloomingdales, and I loved her in a red suit with her bright blonde French twist bouffant.  She oozed 80's glam!  The excitement!  The sizzle!

Alberto Pinto
For more, see the late designers new book, and do check out his site, which I linked above in the first paragraph. 

After work, I would then walk to the Vertical Club for my work out, and there I would see Donald Trump, (with his trainer) - Brooke Shields, Mary McFadden, Fabio, and Dr. Ruth ! All working out together with little old me!  Sometimes, as I was leaving the gym, I'd see Mr. Trump leaving also, and sliding into his long black limo.  Can I tell you- I loved it then and I love it now!  Looking forward to my next trip with Billy to the big apple!  That's all for now, folks!  XXOO DF