Saturday, October 29, 2016

DFID On My Own...2008

Dean Farris Interior Design 2008

Some of my most fulfilling times, career-wise, have been when I was totally on my own, and just working with private clients- those that I chose to work with.  Every morning, I would wake up and walk from my bedroom across the living room, to the guest room, which I used as an office.  My Porsche Cayman was a short elevator ride down to the garage.  What a life!  A life I designed for myself.

Dean Farris Interior Design 2008
Billy really did a great job of capturing my serene state of mind- and no wonder I looked so good, since I had hair by a former stylist for YSL, skin by Dr. Elizabeth Fox and Dr. Obagi - and wore custom made Holland and Sherry suits with custom shirtings, a Cartier diver's watch and Gucci loafers!  Ha!  You see, I was determined to have the best, and to be the best, and to live the best possible life I could, given what I had to work with.  I worked hard, and I still do.

I do know that my clients were happy with the service I provided, and they still are.   Am I proud? Yes!  And very grateful too!  I'm currently accepting new clients, please call to make an appointment.  (239) 498-9074

(faux rock crystal chandelier by Wilshire Lighting)

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