Monday, December 7, 2015

Recalling the Anglo Indian Rage, Robert Lighton

Robert Lighton, New York
My dear friend, Tice, often spoke of Robert Lighton - which back in the gilded 1980's we called "RobertLightonBritishKhaki..." The Anglo Indian style was all the rage in early 80's New York.  And I do believe, it's come back in a big way.  (if it ever left us at all) - click here to see the full RL website and his ongoing HUGE 50% SALE prices! 
My darling friend, Julie Britt, a former stylist for Harper's Bazaar, sleeps in a silver-leafed bed by Robert, when she is residing at her pied a terre in NYC...Fabulous!  Beyond!  Enjoy!  DF *****
* * * * *