Friday, October 10, 2014

Modern Baroque Redux


A few years ago, I created this swept away, clean look for my former living room at Positano Place~
Am still loving the look~ what I call "modern baroque" ~ and I also took the photograph!  Inspired by palaces and old villas by the sea, it's a classic point of view.  The white on white sofa and walls were an homage to Albino Cimonetti (one of the four founders of the firm Quadrille, along with Jay Hyde Crawford, Anthony Tortora, and Harry Hinson) AND Michael Taylor~ the famed society decorator of California.  Albino taught at Parsons and FIT when I was there, and preached brown sofas on brown walls and white on white, etc....the floor here reminded me of Marie- Laure de Noailles and Jean Michel Frank.  
My old pal Tice Alexander once had a spectacular apartment with a very high ceiling in the living room, and he had Weidl glaze the walls to resemble the parchment squares that Jean Michel had used in Paris.  His chandelier was a Venetian baroque one in old teal and gilt, that Billy Baldwin found ~ and told Albert Hadley to buy!  Albert then loaned the fabulous piece to Tice, which, combined with a pair of Venetian blackamoors from Philippe Farley, made a sensational modern baroque statement! Inspiring! DF *****