Monday, September 22, 2014

Monaco My Love

Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo
I did love my visit to Monte, just as when I was very young, and my parents would take me and my brother to Beverly Hills.  Something about the atmosphere intrigued and delighted me.  Just found this fun Piers Morgan piece on Monte, and how it had evolved from the 19th into the 21st centuries.  And as I've written here before, Naples and Monte share some things in common.  Click here to watch Piers ~ the best part for me was when at the end, he interviews Dodi Al Fayed, on his yacht.

A current Bill Earls listing in Naples
The lovely beachfront house shown above, is currently listed for $68 M (sixty-eight million US dollars)  Having reviewed the house on Bill Earls website, I have two things I would do immediately for the new owners.  First, I would strip the house of all existing furnishings.  Secondly, I would have the exterior stucco painted in a pale grey.  This Jeffery Smith designed house deserves the most top notch decoration~ which I would be happy to provide.  The terra cotta faux finishing on the exterior is pretty, but I feel that it's too visually "hot" for the light and heat of South Florida.  On another note, I want to thank Linda of Calling It Home for mentioning me on her beautiful blog.  She also was very kind to attend my recent talk at the Miromar Design Center, on the art of luxurious guest rooms.  Thanks Linda!  Enjoy!  Cheers!  DF *****