Friday, August 1, 2014

Some Designer Vignettes DFID

My bedroom in 2006 DFID
I used a raffia queen size headboard, Brunschwig pillow fabric (also on the windows) Matouk linens, and 1930's french chairs in celadon damask.  A lot of the furnishings in this no longer existing room I created were given to me, including the (not shown) chippendale dresser opposite the bed.

Antique rice bowls, MP Interiors, DFID
 These beautiful 100 year old rice bowls were also a gift, and are sitting on a rattan table that was given to me by some of my favorite young clients, from Darien, CT.  Thanks Mark!

My current dining room area DFID 
The beautiful skirted table was a gift from another client and friend, Mary Hill.  The propped framed drawing on the chair was given to me by the late Tice Alexander.  It is a rendering by Albert Hadley of the Getty's New York dining room.

Deans sketches for Mary Gilbert DFID
I did these quick sketches for Harry Schule and Ned Marshall when they were featured on the television program called "Style with Elsa Klensch" on CNN. The one at the top is of the dining room, which was inspired by the Brighton Pavilion.

My Living Room DFID
 Love this colour- the table and most of the objects on it were all given to me by friends and clients- Elaine brought the small crystal egg back from a trip to Ireland, it's Waterford.  The "silver" tray came from the dollar store and cost $1.00 !

My Living Room DFID
My favorite chair, which was given to me by a client in lieu of a design fee- via my late friend Albert Hadley.  He also gave me the small parsons style table seen at right.  I paid nothing for the rug- which makes the room!  I hung the curtains myself, they came from Billy, when we had a place in Pompano, Florida.  He found that fabric in Ohio for $4.00 a yard!  (we used a lot of it)  ~ 
Enjoy!  Cheers!  DF *****

 While I like the things that I own, I don't have anything that I could not live without. I am constantly moving things around, passing them on to friends - a sort of sharing- and when it is appropriate, using things I own in decorating schemes. When I use something that I have owned for many years in a project for a client, I don't think of it as getting rid of something. For me, it is like keeping things in the family.

Albert Hadley
Albert's Naples Dining Room
Photo: Fernando Bengoechea