Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Designer Cocktails, and SHOES!

Chris showed me this cool app, so Warholian!
This app was not an appetizer-

Petrossian, sorry, not beluga !
but this one was ! :)
Pre-party libation

Chris was wearing these (designer)

Mark wore these

love the colour!

It's wise to accessorize!
Billy and Bret (designer)
Kevin in pink and green (designer)
Here I am with Judy, solving the worlds problems! :) 
While I couldn't get all the sweet people I wanted, into my tiny condo- (Linda was in Switzerland, and Marine was all tied up with her Mother, visiting from France) we did manage to have a lovely quiet evening-  after cocktails, our guests went on to dinner- at Hob Nob- a fun new place on Fifth Avenue South.  Click here for more on Hob Nob. Cheers !  DF *****  PS, Bret Manning was in a film with Rock Hudson!

Bret Manning, (left)
Bret is with In Design, Shaker Heights, OH