Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exciting December!

Judith Liegeois, Mark Sikes, Kitty LaRocco, Robert Couturier, House Beautiful, and Mummy's Oyster Stew! What could be more exciting than that? Judith has a fabulous new space - on 12th Avenue South, here in town, you MUST see it! It's a sexy and divine place of inspiring design. Mark Sikes got the cover of this month's (and next) House Beautiful, and I LOVE his style, it reminds me of mine, if only I lived in Los Angeles! Check out his blog and see his charming house in this aforementioned issue. Sadly, a good source and wonderful fabulous woman in Naples - Kitty LaRocco - has died. I loved her, and she allowed me to purchase a stunning 1950's Italian sconce from her shop, before she closed it and moved into her warehouse. (See picture of it above). Finally, Robert Couturier, an old friend of my late mentor's Tice Alexander, has a spread in the new HB also, and its a chic house here in Naples. Many of the top designers in the world have been flown in to Naples for years to do up the homes of the top executives from industry throughout the U.S. so I was not surprised to see this. I loved his quote about living in paradise: "You can get very tired of living in paradise. That's why we only go to paradise when we're dead". Ha! It is true in a way, and no doubt the owners of the house featured most definitely are not in town in the off season. As for that oyster stew: Heat milk and butter, cook the raw oysters in it until done. Add some black or white pepper and a few dashes of Garners Texas Pete hot sauce, serve with plain saltine crackers, Delicious! That's all for now folks! XXOO DF *****