Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Better It Gets, The Better It Gets!

Waiting for the tops and the appliances...

Gotta love those tiles!

I've just been having such a good time since July, when I joined Glenn Midnet and his talented team at Design West. Working on two projects for the firm here in Naples, and have some nice progress shots for you, made possible by the uber talented Naples contractor, Scott Kish. And Harry Trachtenberg, rep for Vanguard furniture of Hickory, NC, hosted a wonderful wine tasting for us recently, where we sampled and learned about Segura Viuda Brut Reserva, a Torrontes, a young Chenin Blanc (2010) and then on to the reds with Sangiovese, Rioja, 2005 Bordeaux, and a 2005 Porto... so good! Bill and I shared a delicious Pizza Marguerita tonight, and we had fun visiting some models near my place by Collins and Dupont, and Betsey Godfrey. Tomorrow after lunch at Capri, we'll visit a friend who is suffering from terminal cancer. Hopefully, we can bring a little light into his life. Tuesday, back to the office. Stay tuned! DF *****