Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gunnebo, A Swedish Chateau

I've always loved the style of Sweden, particularly the 18th century decorative arts. Gunnebo Slot (House) has this wonderful room with a concealed door, reminding me of the Upper West Side apartment I shared with Tice Alexander, the Parish-Hadley decorator. Tice very cleverly had a concealed door (I call it a flush door) installed between the living room and the master bath, effectively concealing the passage from one to the next. I camped out on a futon near this door, and enjoyed that time in my life, as I was surrounded by his huge library of amazing books on the decorative was very enriching, and I almost never watched television, and we had no computer, i-pad, or i-fone...just a few land lines, a fax, and a typewriter! The estimates for clients were cranked out on this IBM typewriter, on triplicate carbon papers...I do tend to carry on about this simpler time, however, my tech phobia seems to have no limits! LOL ! Wish me luck in this brave new world! DF *****